Types of Laser Used

©Dr. Larry Basch, D.C., CCSP, CCEP

Over the years, Laser Technology has advanced and so have we.

Initially, in 2002, Class IIIb Lasers (with a power of up to 500 milliwatts) were approved by the FDA for therapeutic use in the treatment of Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Conditions, Skin Conditions and Wound Healing. I have owned 3 different types of Class IIIb Lasers over the years, and we have found that they are too low power to penetrate into the deeper tissues of the body and the treatment times were excessively long. The results of Class IIIb laser were disappointing.

Laser Physics is complicated, but basically we are putting Light Energy or Photons of Energy into the tissues to stimulate a therapeutic effect on the damaged tissues. With Class IIIb, the amount of energy delivered is too low and the amount of time required is excessively too long to elicit an effective therapeutic change within the cells. Treatment times are 30-60 minutes, but still with limited amount of Photons entering the deeper tissues to address the healing.

Class IV Lasers or High Dose Therapy Lasers have significantly more power. Most Class IV laser have 10-15 watts of power. I have owned 3 different types of Class IV Lasers. Class IV Lasers were FDA approved in 2007. Very New in the realm of Science.

Our new Laser now has 30 watts or 30,000 milliwatts of power. This higher power will deliver a much higher dose of Light Energy or Photons deep into the tissues in significantly shorter treatment times. Treatment time are about 10 minutes and able to penetrate deep into the tissues where the pain / or damage has occurred.

Over the years, I have evolved as the Science and Technology of Therapeutic Lasers have progressed.

Higher Power = Better Results in Shorter Time

The proof is Feeling the Power. Compare Class III to Class IV, no comparison.

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